08 april 2008

Ga-zon (Go Sunny Lawn)

In dutch an estate house or villa is called "landhuis", meaning house of the land, or house of land. The original purpose of these houses was for city people to enjoy the benefits of the country side, seeing the depiction of the production of the land. Those could be blossoming trees and some domestic animals like cows, lawns and gardens. The production methods of the country side have changed in time and can now be seen as more technocratic. You will see steelish and aluminum windmills and sun panels to produce energy amidst some cows and sheep. Meanwhile the appearance of houses have turned into a more natural look. 

The presented house is a scheme of this idea. The house has become the land, and the land has become a field of solar energy. This villa has more than enough energy from pv-cells and solar heat to provide the house, the swimming pool, the sauna and an electric power station for the electric car. Even a "geiser" could erupt so now and than in the middel of the entrance square. The house, a cube of earth, is very well isolated, provides in a stable humidity in the house and provides in soft soil for several living creatures around.

In collaboration with: Ietje Vogels and Michl Sommer

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